How I Learned to Abide in Christ

Nobody ever told me how to just "be with" Jesus.

I became a serious Christian over 50 years ago at age 13.

I was constantly encouraged to invite people to church, read the Bible in a year, and be sure I was saved ... not bad things but all focused on my efforts or "works" to please God.

It took 15 years for me to start learning to ENJOY being with Jesus, to look to Him as my "best friend Lord", to talk things over with Him, anything that was going on in my life, then listen to Him deep inside, and walk WITH Him, not just For Him.

I quit dreading/fearing that I was doing something wrong and God was going to "give me a bad day" for it. I finally allowed Him to be my Revelation 3:20 Jesus!

I began to read a few verses of His Word and underline sentences or phrases that fingered my heart.

Then I pondered those words in light of my current circumstances.

It was apparent He was guiding, encouraging, gently correcting, uplifting, illuminating my life with His Words! I found Psalms and Philippians to be my favorites, but all the Bible became Him talking with me.

This transformed my Christian living ... I was abiding with Christ!