green church discussion

Giving away the church’s budget

“Most regular churches spend a large portion of their budget, about 85% in many cases, on their building, utilities, and payroll, and most are good churches seeking to do God’s Will. The last building based church I pastored had a $900,000 annual budget. Just suppose that church decided to start giving all that money away, through the hands of its members, every week as it came in…thats $17,307.69 per week!

Imagine the picture: people come to worship, give their offerings at some point….then perhaps after the sermon…a booth is opened for folks to come by and get a $100 church check to help pay their co-workers rent, or provide food for a single Mom and her family, or pay the medical bill of a shut-in senior adult, or 170 other ways to be Christ’s Hands in their world. Then next Sunday repeat the process…another 173 checks go out though members hands….over and over for 52 weeks.

Ponder the impact:
1. What would this cause in the community around the church?
2. What would it cause in the hearts of the members?
3. What would the teens and children learn, like, or dislike about this kind of “church” life…would they get-into-it? Would it impact their future Christian lives?
4. What would the Pastor and staff members think about it, way down deep, as truly God-called persons?

What’s your first step?
What are you waiting on?