Viral Churches

Only about relationships… loving God, loving persons, & growing Christfollowers, while giving everything away!

an elemental “blueprint” for churches that live & touch lives in any arena of life

Church worshiping in a living room

Teaching every Christ-follower to follow God’s Spirit in finding & gathering a person/group that God has been making hungry for Himself…and leading them to be the Body of Christ… a church…becoming His Hands, His Heart, His Voice & His Compassion among unchurched friends, families, affinity groups and co-workers in homes, apartments, parks, work places, and “hoods” all over the city! 1 Pet. 2:9, Acts 16:6-15

Cultivated With the New Testament “Essentials” Only:

  1. use any available (free) space and volunteer “servant-leaders” …all offerings can then be given to help whoever God intersects with your daily lives (let the people deliver the offerings to others)…Rom. 16:3-5a, Acts 4:32-36
  2. develop simple but sincere worship, Bible study/dialogue/obedience, and group ministry projects …nurture Christ-like friendships and each person sharing their faith journey in Christ…Acts 2:41-47
  3. believe that where even a few are gathered together, Jesus is there with them…Matt.18:20
  4. teach each leader to meet & pray regularly with a “Paul” type mentor, and to begin developing their own “Timothy” who will someday start another group…2 Tim.2:2
“Viral: simply infecting the next body encountered, over and over again.”