green church - your translation+the nations

  • We are asking His Spirit to inflame Christ-followers from every nation who will choose and translate one brief article (chapter 6, 7, or 8) into their language. They might rephrase it, however the Spirit guides, and use terms that fit overlooked groups of friends from their culture….wherever in the world those groups might now live.
  • If you are led to translate one of these articles for persons of your nation then complete and send the translation in PDF format to and in the last line please include the name of your country (in English). Also, add your email address if you are open to persons contacting you, from your culture, who are hungry for an elemental, relational, servanthood church. We will get the translation posted on this site, usually within a few days.
  • We value your personal improvements on how to clearly share these ideas as God’s Servant. Always freely translate, sharpen, and use any other portions of greenchurch that you consider helpful in your opportunities to cultivate Romans 16:5 type churches anywhere & everywhere.
  • You might even consider teaching your own personalized version of a “greenchurch university” (overview on website menu) in your circles of influence…go ahead, add to it, say it your way, let the Spirit use your strengths.

May HE empower you and touch many through your life!

Current Nations & Translations: